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To browse the OGR 3D Catalog, choose a category from the blue navigation bar above, or choose a sub-category in the list below. The menus are in alphabetical order.

Bents, Bridges, Elevated, Trestles…

Elevated track supports and platforms

Buildings / Structures

Chimneys & Smoke Stacks

Detail Items

Docks and Platforms

Loading docks, platforms, and loading ramps


Electrical & Telecom

Electric transformers, pole-mounted transformers and a “Trainphone” junction box

Hobby Accessories

Several handy-to-have projects
for your layout and work bench

Machinery and Tools

Parts and Upgrades


Signals and Utility Cabinets

Trackside multi-head signals, block and dwarf signals, trackside cabinets, switch stands, and more.

Signs and Billboards

Silos, Tanks, and Vats

Brewery tanks, residential heating oil and propane tanks, and other small tanks.

Standard Gauge Projects


Big ones and little ones, with more on the way!

Structure Details


3D printing of small model railroading items is an exciting new area of enjoyment and exploration for many model railroaders. This 3D Catalog is a growing collection of 3D printable model railroading items that are downloadable and printable on your 3D printer. All the files for each project have been packaged into a single zip file for one-click downloads. The zip files include images, diagrams, instructions, measurements, and of course, the files you need to make the part with your 3D printer.

Below is a list of the folks who, through their hard work, dedication, and generosity, have made this 3D Project Catalog possible. We greatly appreciate their efforts in advancing the hobby and sharing their knowledge for the benefit of all to enjoy. All these folks are teachers, sharing their experience and knowledge to teach new 3D modelers how to enjoy this fascinating part of the model railroad hobby.

If you have project files you would like to submit for this 3D catalog, please download this CHECKLIST pdf file.

Here are all the contributors to the OGR 3D Catalog.

OGR Forum NamePage Link
OGR Forum NamePage Link

A wide view of Dennis La Rock’s layout, with a little help from Photoshop!

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