Before submitting your 3D project files, please download the 3D file submission checklist. Using this checklist will insure your files meet the appropriate 3D file specifications. Once you have your files prepared, fill out this form, attach your files and send your submission. We will process your files for posting in the OGR 3D Download Forum.

All fields on the form are required.

Only members of the OGR Forum can submit 3D files. Please enter your Display Name here. We will use your First Name and your OGR Display name to credit your submission. If you are not yet an OGR Forum member, CLICK HERE to get your Digital Subscription and join the OGR Forum!

If you have designed and saved your project in INCHES, your diagram should designate INCHES.

If you have designed and saved your project in MILLIMETERS, your diagram should designate MILLIMETERS.

Please submit all of your project files in one (1) .zip file.

To make a ZIP file, select all the files in your project, one at a time. When you have all the files selected, RIGHT-CLICK and choose "Send To." In the next pop-up menu that comes up, choose "Compressed Folder." You will have an opportunity to give the folder a name. Make it descriptive of your project. Name it, save it and you're done!

If you can provide .stp files with the .stl files in your ZIP file package, please do so. If you are unable to provide .stp files, that’s OK. Also include a dimensional diagram and any instructions you may have with your submission. It is greatly appreciated!